Live at Human Resources | 20th November 2019

Yann Novak, Byron Westbrook,Robert Crouch, & Ian Wellman

Los Angeles artists Yann Novak, Robert Crouch and Ian Wellman return home from their west coast tour and are joined by Byron Westbrook. Yann Novak will present his new work Slowly Dismantling which reflecting on his formative experiences as a queer youth in middle America and explores these acoustic and social spaces as zones of liberation. Byron Westbrook will present the LA premiere of a new series of compositions for electronics using just intonation and custom tuning systems. Robert Crouch will perform new work inspired by poet Ted Berrigan, that explores the tensions between collective listening and personal reflection. Ian Wellman will be performing segments from his latest offering, Bioaccumulation, and new material comprised of recordings made around Southern California, Sierra Nevada, and Lake Azeui, Haiti.

Human Resources
410 Cottage Home St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012