Highly influenced by ethnographic film, bioacoustics, and noise music, Ian Wellman’s work is focused on human-made sounds influence nature, wildlife, and themselves. Ian often collaborates with Aaron Bartell to create electromagnetic-based nightmarescapes through their listening study, ZZYZXZYZZ. Wellman’s debut solo effort, Susan’s Last Breath Became the Chill in the Air and the Fog Over the City’s Night Sky, was released through Dragon’s Eye Recordings in 2018. He has a compilation of early works through Industrial Coast and a piece through Touch Radio in 2019. Ian earned a bachelors in Documentary Film/Video through Columbia College Chicago and works as an IATSE 695 production sound mixer. Ian has worked with companies such as Universal Kids, Viacom, Adidas, Anyhow, and Dreamworks Kids. He has presented solo and collaborative work at Human Resources, Coaxial, and Sound Pedro. Ian currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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